AFAP manages the Australian-Pacific Centre for Emergency and Disaster Information (APCEDI) to provide news on natural disaster events in the Asia-Pacific region and to help with rapid disaster response assessment. This was originally a communications network that was activated during a disaster to disseminate information to our Asia-Pacific NGO offices. Now APCEDI has a much wider application across the Asia-Pacific Region.

Friday, February 27, 2004

APCEDI Alert 13P, Cyclone Ivy #19, 2004

Dear Colleagues

Alert 19, Cyclone Ivy 13P / 27 February 2004, Sydney 1800 EDT

With Cyclone Ivy finally moving out of Vanuatu, AFAP has raised an appeal at Toll free number 1-800-007-308. Even if isolated pockets of severe damage are limited, it is already known that many communities houses, schools and buildings have been damaged on some islands, and communities will need help to rebuild these. Communities will also very likely need help with sourcing and replanting crops given the widespread nature of crop damage in many areas. FSP Vanuatu and AFAP will work closely with the NDMO and AusAID to identify key geographic and sectoral areas of need.

The FSP Vanuatu Office in Vila experienced only minor damage from rain leaking in, so the office is completely functional. FSP Vanuatu has field offices, staff, contractors and contacts throughout the country who can assist with initial assessment and relief efforts as well as any longer term rehabilitation. FSPI and AFAP staff from other Pacific countries could be brought in if needed. FSP Vanuatu has worked closely with the NDMO for many years.

Morgan Armstrong, FSP Vanuatu Advisor, will be leading the FSP Vanuatu assessment and relief effort. He can be contacted in Vila at 0011-678-22915 (office) and 0011-678-24492 (home) and email

APCEDI will continue monitoring the event. More detailed information about the storm can be found on

Kevin Vang
APCEDI Coordinator

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