AFAP manages the Australian-Pacific Centre for Emergency and Disaster Information (APCEDI) to provide news on natural disaster events in the Asia-Pacific region and to help with rapid disaster response assessment. This was originally a communications network that was activated during a disaster to disseminate information to our Asia-Pacific NGO offices. Now APCEDI has a much wider application across the Asia-Pacific Region.

Monday, December 27, 2004

APCEDI ALERT EQ-SSEA #3, 2004: Series of Earthquakes and Tsunamis Devastate Wide Area of South and Southeast Asia

Update on Death Tolls

Death tolls continue to mount around the region. The following are revised, interim death tolls from three primary sources: BBC, Agence France-Presse and the Indian Government. These figures will be revised as more information comes in.

Sumatra and off shore islands (4000-4200 dead, Major to Catastrophic Damage in Northern Sumatran Provinces including Aceh)

Sri Lanka, East Coast Trincomalee to Batticaloa and around the South Coast from Hambantota to Galle (3700-4300 dead; severe damage with pockets of catastrophic damage);

India, Coastal Tamil Nadu, Southern Andhra Pradesh including Pondicherry enclaves and Kerala; with Chennai (Madras) hardest hit (2000 dead; major damage with pockets of catastrophic damage);

Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India) (all communications out, 100-120 deaths, severe to catastrophic damage throughout)

Thailand, Phuket and along the peninsular west coast including Krabi area (310 dead; Moderate Damage with pockets of Major Damage)

Maldives (30-60 dead; unofficial sources from India report more deaths; most communications out, major damage throughout)

Burma, Tenassarim Peninsula (10 dead but unofficial news coming out of Thailand report major damage and more deaths in coastal towns );

Malaysia, Penang and Coastal Kedah State in Northwest; (42 dead; Moderate Damage with pockets of Major Damage)

Bangladesh (2 dead, Light to isolated Moderate Damage)

Many of these figures will still continue to rise as reports from outlying and cut-off areas eventually come in.

Kevin Vang
APCEDI Coordinator

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