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Monday, February 08, 2010

APCEDI Alert SP/CI 12P Oli #6-2010: Cyclone Oli Wrap-up Post

The RSMC-Nadi Tropical Cyclone Centre, and the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre and Meteo France have discontinued all guidance for Cyclone Oli, which is now spinning down in the Southern Pacific Ocean away from all populated land areas.

A new cyclonic storm Pat has formed today in the same area of the Northern Cooks Islands where Cyclone Oli formed. APCEDI will cover Cyclone Pat in separate reports.

Cyclone Oli caused extensive and widespread damage to French Polynesia especially to the Leeward Islands (Îles Sous-le-vent) and the Australes Group. French Polynesia’s President, Gaston Tong Sang, declared a state of natural calamity over the weekend. The French army has mobilised to help affected areas.

One person was confirmed dead on the Austral Island of Tubuai. Tubuai (population 2,200) bore the full brunt of the storm, and half of the homes on the island have been severely damaged or destroyed. 600 residents remain in shelters. All phone and power supplies on Tubuai were also knocked out. A ship is on-route to Tubuai with relief supplies.

At least 20 other injuries were reported across the islands.

Widespread moderate to severe damage is being reported across much of the Leeward Islands (Îles Sous-le-vent). Bora Bora (population 5,000) has sustained widespread moderate to severe damage with 9 people injured, 279 homes damaged and 6 homes destroyed. Many evacuations took place across low-lying and vulnerable areas of the Leeward Islands (Îles Sous-le-vent).

At the height of the storm, some 5,000-6,000 persons were evacuated from vulnerable areas.

Widespread minor to localised moderate damage is being reported from the Windward Islands (Îles du Vent) although the shift in course of Cyclone Oli toward the south-southeast spared the islands from the type of more severe damage that has occurred to the west in the Leeward Islands (Îles Sous-le-vent) and south in the Australes Group.

This will be the last report on Cyclone Oli APCEDI will continue to monitor the progress of this system.

Please go to for the complete interactive alert on Cyclone Oli.
Kevin Vang
APCEDI Coordinator

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