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Friday, January 07, 2005

APCEDI ALERT EQ-SSEA #15, 2004: Series of Earthquakes and Tsunamis Devastate Wide Area of South and Southeast Asia

Updated Information and Death Tolls

Relief efforts are now in full gear throughout the affected areas. Death tolls continue to climb, but seem to be stabilising in many areas. The exception seems to be the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where the toll of missing people has been increasing significantly. The following updated figures are from five primary sources: OCHA, USAID, BBC, Agence France-Presse and the Indian Government. These figures reflect the averages being provided by the above sources.

Sumatra and off shore islands, 94,081 dead, 6,700 missing, The official death toll has not risen for a few days but thought to be higher. Aceh Province has about 94% of the casualties with Northern Sumatra Province with 6%. Relief efforts are now widespread and seem to be finally penetrating even the most remote areas.

Sri Lanka, 30,615 dead; 876,883 displaced persons, 16,665 injured, 4,356 missing, 100,000 houses destroyed (OCHA). Widespread flooding of low lying areas in the east continues as storms continue to affect area. The Joint Typhoon Warning Centre is issuing bulletins on a tropical depression off the southeast coast that could bring heavy winds. Highest casualty rates are from the East Coast cities of Trincomalee and Batticaloa and the South Coast cities of Hambantota and Galle. Affected Areas Map

INDIA, 9,691 dead; 6.011 missing, 638,297 initially displaced, 379,630 currently displaced in relief camps ;
State figures as follows (Latest GOI figures):
Tamil Nadu; 9,697 dead, unknown number missing; 499,962 initially displaced, 309,379 currently displaced in relief camps; Chennai (Madras), Velankunni and Nagappattinam areas hardest hit,
Southern Andhra Pradesh, 105 dead, 11 missing, 34,264 initially displaced but all now returned; Krishna , Guntur , Prakasam and Nellore Districts hardest hit.
Pondicherry enclaves 583 dead, 86 missing, 70,000 initially displaced, 6550 currently displaced in relief camps
Southern Kerala 170 dead; 0 missing, 22,474 displaced in relief camps; Southern Districts including Kollam, Alleppy and Alappuzha Districts hardest hit.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India 901 dead, 5,914 missing presumed dead (4,657 of these are from Badly hit Katchal Island in the Nicobar Chain), 41,227 displaced in relief camps; toll likely to rise as missing are not found; severe to catastrophic damage throughout island chains. Katchal, Car Nicobar, Pilmillow and Great Nicobar Islands particularly hard hit.

For a complete Summary on India, GOI Disaster Management Office

Thailand, 5,288 dead, 10,496 injured, 3,810 missing most casualties from Phuket and Phi Phi Islands and along the peninsular west coast including Krabi area. Especially hard hit on Phuket Island was the Khao Lak National Park area and surrounding beaches which had many resort hotels destroyed and also had many campers and more rustic style coastal hostels.

Burma, 59 dead officially; Current situation uncertain. On January 2nd the Government claimed that 53 are dead, 21 missing, 43 injured and 778 people are homeless from 17 devastated villages. However January 4th, the World Food Program estimated a death toll in the hundreds. Most damage in the Irrawaddy Delta and coastal towns of the Tenassarim Peninsula; 36 deaths reported in Pyinzalu Island near Labutta town and another 20 from the Thanintharyi Division in the peninsula. AFP and UNICEF claims that there is widespread damage on the Co Co Islands but the Burmese Government is denying this. Despite the Government issuing new figures today, many scientists and aid groups are now claiming the state of devastation in affected areas is far greater than being admitted. They are pressing the Burmese Government for full details.

Maldives 82 dead; 26 missing, 13,311 people displaced; damage throughout country.

Malaysia, 68 dead, 6 missing, 8,000 displaced; Most casualties in Penang and Coastal Kedah State in Northwest.

Bangladesh 2 dead; overall damage light.

Somalia 298 dead, 35 missing, 50,000 homeless with the majority of destruction along the Puntland Coast and on Hafun Island.

Madagascar Initial BBC reports of 100 dead or missing in the coastal city of Manakara, were not confirmed by the Government relief team. However, 1,200 people in Mankara are homeless. Sainte Marie, Sambava and Vohemar also had damage to coastal areas. Updates can be found from the Madagascar Tribune

Tanzania 10 dead.

Seychelles 3 dead.

Kenya 1 dead.

Very good updates on relief efforts can be found on UN's Relief Web.

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APCEDI Coordinator
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