AFAP manages the Australian-Pacific Centre for Emergency and Disaster Information (APCEDI) to provide news on natural disaster events in the Asia-Pacific region and to help with rapid disaster response assessment. This was originally a communications network that was activated during a disaster to disseminate information to our Asia-Pacific NGO offices. Now APCEDI has a much wider application across the Asia-Pacific Region.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

APCEDI ALERT ETW(S2) #4, 2005: Weather Alert Cancelled for East Timor

The tropical depression responsible for the alert has moved rapidly west into the Indian Ocean and well out of range of East Timor and surrounding Indonesian islands. It is forecast to continue this westerly movement. Therefore, the on-going weather alert is now cancelled. This will be the last weather alert on this system unless it changes course and unexpectedly threatens the region.

To continue to monitor this system refer to the Tropical Cyclone Three Day Outlook for North West Australia of the Australian Government's Bureau of Meteorology.

Kevin Vang
APCEDI Coordinator

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